Liquor Policy

Liquor Policies

Our Resort’s business is to sell rooms, food and beverage. We employ over 500 staff and 10,000 other families are directly or indirectly dependant on us. We also offer superb 5 Star deluxe amenities and services to our guests ( such as beautifully appointed and spacious rooms) at incredible value compared with other 5 Star hotels and accordingly we have certain policies with the aim of protecting our business and revenue. One such policy is that we do not allow food and drinks purchased from outside to be consumed in our Resort. If, however, you wish to enjoy liquor and drinks at even better prices than those stated in our menus at any of our outlets then we recommend that you purchase the daily liquor plan which, depending on the plan chosen, will include drinks from 11am to 11pm at all our operating outlets ( during the operational times of such outlets and subject to conditions ) except Café Rio. Our Bars and Restaurant offer a great choice of beverages at very good prices but these necessitates charging a higher price because of fixed overheads & service involved. Accordingly, to give greater choice & terrific value, our guests can enjoy competitively priced liquor & other drinks purchased from the Rio Liquor Shop subject to certain strict terms & conditions stated below.

  • Liquor and other drinks purchased from the Rio Liquor Shop will be delivered to your room and can be consumed in the privacy of your room only and not in any public areas or bars or restaurants of the hotel. We would be delighted to offer you complimentary ice and glasses for consuming liquor and drinks purchased from our Rio Liquor Shop only. Please phone Room Service for this and you will be asked by the waiter to show him your receipt of the purchase from our Rio Liquor Shop.
  • Liquor and other drinks purchased from the Rio Liquor Shop or from outside but found to be consumed in any of our public areas including bars, restaurants and pool, will be confiscated & disposed off.
  • Corkage charge of our standard bottle rate (plus tax and service charge) as determined by our F&B manager less MRP will be levied for each bottle of drinks brought by the guest from outside and found on the hotel premises. We hope you will understand and appreciate that we can only continue offering excellent room rates and prices which are much lower than other 5 Star hotels by protecting our key areas of revenue. Food and Beverage forms a major part of our revenue and this department employs the highest number of people.
  • Liquor and drinks once sold cannot be returned back. Liquor and drinks will only be sold to persons over the age of 18 years.
  • Terms and Conditions apply

We do sincerely hope that you take advantage of great value offered by the Rio Liquor Shop

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