Ethos and Purpose


The heart of Resort Rio Hospitality is Giving. This forms the basis of our Existence, ensuring we give back not just to our Guests but our Staff, Associates their families along with the community we are surrounded by.

We believe that business is the most efficient form of charity and through our profits – and not donations – we are able to make a huge difference by creating employment and touching the lives of not just our staff but their families and those in need around us.

This is how we do it

We aim to change lives. Resort Rio has continued since its launch in 2010 to re-invest it’s profits through organic expansion with the goal of creating long term jobs. We construct all our hotels from scratch with the help of our in-house team of building contractors and interior designers, who make almost all our furniture (including wooden doors and interiors !) on site helping employ an army of plumbers, electricians and other skilled technicians. The result is the creation of a thriving local economy with thousands of job opportunities for many locals as well as people from other parts of India. In addition, we have provided a stepping stone for our staff who have trained with us and secured positions in other premium hotels and cruise liners across the globe. As well as our 500 plus staff and 100s others employed in construction we estimate that more than 10,000 families directly or indirectly earn their livelihood because of our ethos of reinvesting most of our profits in order to create long term jobs and nurture a local economy with Resort Rio being at its fulcrum. In short one of our main goals is to help people proudly support themselves and their families by providing opportunities, both directly with jobs at Resort Rio as well as indirectly, such as through using independent suppliers, taxis, shops, neighbouring restaurants and other services.


At Resort Rio, our staff is our ‘family’. Our heart and soul. It is they who make Resort Rio culture famous with superlative guest experience. They are our raison d’être. The ‘family’ truly takes ownership of the organisation. By taking ownership, our staff are directly responsible for Resort Rio’s success and therefore furthering and nurturing its aims. Resort Rio looks after its staff as any family would of its own family member and will continue to invest in their welfare and improvement of their living standards. We strongly believe that if you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers and so at Resort Rio, our staff come first!


Started by the owners of Resort Rio, the foundation assists those who cannot be directly or indirectly employed by the hotel, such as the very young, the old and others in need. The Anup & Alpa Shah Foundation provides not only educational assistance to children in need but also basic needs to the elderly, medical support to the needy, afternoon meals to the aged who are unable to fend for themselves as well as jobs to families of staff who suffer an untimely death. The foundation also organises regular eye and health camps for the Resort Rio ‘family’ and the public, and is intimately involved in animal welfare.

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